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We create beautiful imagery, and when required, technically accurate imagery — as in archeological surveys, documentation, & preservation. We’re also involved in educational endeavors — exploring various techniques & tools, making/hacking equipment; and then writing up articles and producing videos of said explorations.


From research and documentary photography in the lab, to historic preservation & documentation, to creative jaunts, to Aerial Adventures . . . from the very large to the very small, Mr. Bradley and the rest of the Creative/Technical contract team at AdLibitur, LLC has your photographic & videographic needs covered.


Parker E.C. Bradley & Yucca Plant
Parker E.C. Bradley

I have been a creative & professional photographer for over 25 years — from technical & documentary work of my own research in my labs at University & the Air Force, to contract work, to my own creative explorations. My commercial photographic work, since 2006, has been primarily in the area of contract Aerial Photography, and stock photography. My largest aerial photo project was an aerial survey, in the visible spectrum, of the 15 square kilometer LIDAR survey/research area at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, USA (2008-2009).

On the creative side, I am especially fond of Digital Pinhole Photography; as pinhole imagery tends to have dreamlike qualities, yet at the same time can be almost more real and meaningful than the sharp detail we are used to with lens-based photography. Many factors affect the visual properties of digital pin-hole images – hole size, sensor noise, primary wavelength, etc… all interact in interesting ways to create the final image. Vision is an interpretive process (even in attempts at objective, documentary reality), that’s why pin-hole photographs often makes one stop, look, and contemplate. Pin-Hole images naturally invite the mind to explore and make its own interpretations.